Overall rules

  • Due to national restrictions, the adult dancers, instructors and spectators participating in the competition must be fully vaccinated or recovered from COVID-19.
  • Props and requisites must not harm the dance floor. It is prohibited to use liquids, powders and body colors, or any live fire on stage. After the performance, the stage must remain as clean as it was before the performance.
  • Participation in the competition is based on timely paid participation fees. Late registrants and changes are subject to a separate price list.
  • Organizers must be notified of the absent performance no less than 90 min before the performance.
  • Participation fees for a group or a dancer not participating in the competition are not refundable.
  • Organizers have the right to combine categories and age groups, if necessary.
  • Organizers have the right to use photo and video recordings made at the competition at their discretion.
  • Judges have the right to change the category or disqualify a composition if all the judges agree that the participant is in the wrong category.
  • All contestants, teachers, and parents agree that all decisions of the judges are final.