We are proud to announce the judges of this year’s TRT Dance Masters

On the 14th – 20th December 2020

“I really-really like dogs, potatoes in any form and terrible Rom-com movies haha! I love kind hearted people with good intentions and working with people that dance because life just isn’t the same without it.”

Ricky Jinks

“I really really like honest and authentic people. Being focused and determined whilst knowing what you really want to achieve in your life. I also really love deers, they are my biggest inspiration.”

Federica Somma

“I really really like, PEOPLE! self love and attitude, confident people have half of the world already don’t be afraid to show yourself to the world you may be there, you create your own innerpeace. YOU are the master of your brain and being humble forever”

Jolani Jhones

“I really really like seeing pure, honest people, artists which are true to themselves and especially I enjoy watching them.”

Edgaras Kerpé

On the 21st – 27th December 2020

“I love to watch people dance, who embrace their individuality. I appreciate dancers who have tons of movement qualities and aren’t afraid to utilize different styles of movement within their dancing. I’m also very big on musicality, so I love to see people connect with the music, both physically and spiritually.”

Alex Komulainen

“I really-really like movers who feel a sense of curiosity about movement and follow it with genuine authenticity and trust, no matter what it looks like.”

Andrea Ward

“I really really like travelling the world with my friends and connecting with different cultures. I also love people that wake up wanting to be better everyday ❤️

Alfie Chapman

“Besides dance I really really like cold showers, nature and animals. I like people who enjoy life, cause I do the same. 😁🙌🏼 “

Matic Zadravec